(OSC) Mate Candidate’s Program


Welcome to the Oasis Sailing Club.  We invite interested and qualified members to participate in the Mate’s program to expand and enrich your sailing experience by obtaining OSC’s designation as a Mate.  The prime activity of the Mate is to support the Skipper and act in the Skipper’s stead when the Skipper is unable to perform his/her duties.  As such, prior sailing experience is requirement to enter the Mate’s program.


Under the guidance of a “Mentoring Skipper” and other OSC Skippers, Mate candidates learn and demonstrate knowledge of sailing ability, nautical rules of the road, boat-handling skills, docking and undocking and general seamanship.  In the Mate’s Manual is a Checklist which includes items such as:

·         Location & use of onboard equipment

·         Preparing to sail & leaving the dock

·         Getting under sail

·         Sailing in the harbor and at sea

·         Returning and securing the boat

·         Navigating, communications and what to do in case of emergencies


A boat’s Skipper is an experienced sailor and leader who has the skills to sail the boat and to organize and direct the crew.  Therefore, in addition to the objective criteria of the Mate’s Checklist, Skippers observe the Mate’s performance on sailing trips to guide and evaluate them on such criteria as: the ability to organize and lead, judgment, good seamanship and compatibility.  Mate Candidates also participate in special “Seaworthy Training Sessions” focusing on anchoring, docking, etc.


Since there is no additional cost to participate in the Mates program,  it is a great way to build upon your skills as well as your enjoyment while sailing with the OSC and become an OSC Mate….and if desired and qualified, ultimately to be certified as a “Skipper” who are responsible for the operation of the club’s boats.


If you are interested in becoming a Mate, below are the steps to get started:

1.    Sail with several Skippers; tell them you are interested in becoming a Mate Candidate.

2.    After sailing with several Skippers, ask one that you feel you have “chemistry” with if he/she will be your Mentoring Skipper in the Mate Candidates program.  Some skippers already are mentoring Mate Candidates and may not be able to take on additional Mate Candidates.

3.    If the one you ask agrees to be your Mentoring Skipper, ask him/her to advise me by e-mail at mread@OasisSailingClub.com and I will register you as a Mate Candidate.  You can pick up a 4th edition OSC Mate’s Manual at sailing club meetings on the 4th Wednesday of each month, or download a copy online, simply Google “ Oasis Sailing Club and click on “Training”

4.   Go sailing and Have Mate’s Manual Checklist items “signed off” by your Mentoring Skipper or other OSC Skippers.  Please report your progress on the Checklist to me on a monthly basis by e-mail, so I can update the club’s records.

5.    As a Mate Candidate we suggest that you sail with your Mentoring Skipper frequently and also with other Skippers so you can learn from their varied experiences.


If you have questions, e-mail me at mread@OasisSailingClub.com or call me at (949) 718-1333.


Good Sailing

Malcolm Read, Skipper & Mate Training Assistant