Every even-numbered year the Oasis Sailing Club elects officers for a two-year term. There are four officers: Commodore (who must be a skipper), Vice-Commodore (who must be a skipper), Treasurer, and Secretary.


The 2018 nominations are now open and will close after the April General Membership Meeting (April 25, 2018). All nominees must be members in good standing, meet the requirements of the office that they seek and be willing to serve in that office. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at both the March and the April General Membership Meetings and by E-mail to a member of the Nominating Committee. In order for the nominees’ names to be printed on the ballot, E-mail nominations must be received not later than April 23, 2918.


Members in good standing may vote by Absentee Ballot. The absentee ballots will be available at the Friends of OASIS office or on our website after the April General Membership Meeting and must be received by the Oasis Sailing Club not later than May 25, 2018. E-mailed ballots are not secret ballots and, therefore, will not be accepted.


Regular voting will take place by secret ballot for members in good standing at the May General Membership Meeting (May 30, 2018). Ballots will be provided to members at that time. The Nominating Committee will count the ballots and announce the officers-elect at the end of that meeting.


At the June General Membership Meeting (June 27, 2018) the current officers will be relieved and the new officers will be installed for the upcoming year.


The Nomination Committee is:


                                           Harold Sharp                                htpsharp@live.com                                                                

                                           Steve Sawdon                                sailing7777@gmail.com                                          

                                           Pat Wilks                                      rotors4534@mypacks.net  




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